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The prime requirement for a website is to deliver a message. This it must do without distracting or misleading waffle.

It must also be:

  • fast to download to the visitor.
  • easy and intuitive to navigate around.
  • pleasing to the eye.
  • easy to read and understand.
  • consistent and informative.
  • inexpensive to create and maintain.

Anybody can create a website using any of the plethora of tools available, many of which are free, that is why we provide hosting for those who wish to do so.

But there is more to it than just creating a website and putting it somewhere. That is why we offer a design/host/manage service for the less knowledgeable. For example, attracting a good ranking on the search engines is usually critical to the success of a website. Do you know how the search engines rank a web-page ?

Our design, create and host services will relieve you of those problems and place them in our care. There will still be some work for you to do , of course you have to decide what pages you need and give us the words and any images you can provide. We can help you with some of that.

We then create a site which we perceive is in keeping with your requirements. Often we get it wrong, so when we show you a draft, you tell us what to change. Only when you are 100% happy with your website do we make it go live.

If you need a website up and running quickly, you might like to consider our template website offer. This means that you choose a layout from a range of pre-designed sites into which we put your data. Whilst this gets results quickly, it is not bespoke to your own individual design. We can of course, maintain colour compatibility etc. with your company livery.

Whichever path you choose, there are many questions you need to ask yourself but there are two questions you must consider very carefully :

  • What do I want the site to achieve ?
  • Who is the target audience ?

We will discus these issues with you because it will help us to achieve your aims.


For a brochure type website we have a minimum charge of
£350 which includes up to five pages, additional pages £60.



Bespoke sites are our main thrust but for fast turnaround we can also offer templated sites.

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For more templates, click here


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We design, build, launch and host your website for you.

Then we will maintain, support and generally manage it for you as much or as little as you like.

The only thing you should loose sleep over is how to handle the extra business it can generate.

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