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Your domain name is your identity on the Internet so it is important to get it right.

The best domain names describe your trade or trading name and are short and memorable. Too long, or difficult to remember is understandably often less than satisfactory. If you are starting a business, the domain name should be considered in conjunction with your trading name, giving your company a name only to find that the domain name is already owned by somebody else would be something of a disappointment.

Remember that a website can have more than one domain name. If your domain is difficult to spell correctly, you might loose visitors, consider registering common spelling mistakes. For example:, or even

Another consideration is the search engines, your domain name can help here too. For example, if someone searches for "elephants" a website with the domain name "" will have an advantage over and should be listed higher than a site called "".

As with all other Internet related things, if you have a question, feel free to phone us.

Check Availability

If you wish to check for the availability of a domain name, the link below will take you to our "Who is".

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UK Domains ( etc)
cost £45.00 per 2 years

US Domains (.com, .org etc)
cost £55.00 per 2 years

Please note that UK domains are subject to the Nominet terms & conditions. Click for details

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