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The location for hosting a website is an important matter. The location must be physically secure, have an extensive connection infrastructure and must of course deliver websites quickly and reliably. Servers can be located practically anywhere that has a permanent connection to the Internet but there are important matters to be considered. Many hosting companies have their own data centres located wherever the company just happens to be located. London Telehouse is recognised as being the foremost network operations centre in the UK and amongst the best in the World.

For a number of years ECSWeb have maintained servers in London Telehouse on which we only hosted websites which we created and maintained for our clients. Many people were recommended to contact us to host sites they had created.

As a result of those enquiries we decided that the above should change and now offer hosting to the general public for their own DIY website on Industry Standard Linux powered servers running: Apache, MySQL, PHP etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,

Managed Hosting £59.95 Per Annum
  • 50mb webspace
  • 1gb bandwidth per month
  • 10 POP3 Accounts
  • Site Statistics
  • Password protected pages
  • 24/7 FTP access
  • No banner ads at any time
  • 99.9% uptime over last 3 years





  • Spam Email Filtering
  • Extra Web Space
  • Extra Mailboxes
  • Full Graphical Stats
  • Domain Registration
  • Backups

Your requirement not listed here ?
Please ask us.


We understand that many people who create their own websites have little knowledge of some of the intricacies. We try to give as much help and support as we can to those clients, they are important to us and we realise that they have few others to turn to.

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